mystery-shrouded asked:

Soul, how does your first impression of Maka compare to how you think of her now?


Well, when I met her, she was a skinny little nerd with weird gloves and the superpower to pull giant books out of nowhere….

But she was brave and smart and she worried way too much about people, too. (Hero complex!)

And now? She’s still a skinny nerd who beats me with books, and she’s still brave and smart and kind. But she’s more relaxed about shit now; she’s less likely to freak about about stuff she can’t change, and she worries a lot less about whether or not people like her. She’s just way cooler now.

Hm… you know, I hadn’t really thought about it, but she’s changed a lot, huh? She’s really grown up.

Too bad her tits’ve hardly grown. Heh.


So it’s midnight and I’m probably not gonna sleep again until the sun comes up. Guess it’s time to either A) write or B) watch anime.

raining-down-hearts asked:

prompt: shikatema, he catches her sneaking one of his cigarettes. however you wanna run it, angsty or cute. :)


I went with cute and sexy because these two are cute and sexy ;3


The first give away was the smell of smoke, just a faint trace in the night sky.

The second was his cigarette holder, knocked on its side with one of the white rolls missing.

The third, and most obvious clue, was the empty, still faintly warm, spot beside him in his bed.

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