gingerthesnap asked:

Mikasa, nightmares.


She woke breathless and sweating, her gasps over loud in the sleepy hush of the corps cabin. 

Annie, in the bunk above her, swung down almost immediately, loose hair an incongruously delicate gold sheet. “Are you all right?”

Mikasa took another deep breath, putting a hand on her chest and urging her heart to stop its useless rebellion. By now it should know better, really. “Yes,” she said firmly.

"Mm." Annie’s eyes were sharp and crystalline even in the darkness. "Okay."

"Were you awake?" Mikasa asked, digging her fingers fiercely into the mattress, beneath the blanket where Annie couldn’t see.



Annie smiled faintly. “Why are you awake now?”

Mikasa awarded her a point silently. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

"Right." Annie didn’t move for a long moment, though, simply staying upside down and watching like a blonde bat. "If you slept without the scarf, it wouldn’t choke you, and you’d sleep better," she said eventually, before disappearing back to the top bunk with a creak and a shifting of sheets.

Mikasa, mouth dry, stared at the place where Annie had been, now only blue moonlight and eerie shadows. There were so many things wrong with that, she couldn’t even begin to list them, and yet— Eren’s scarf was rough beneath her fingertips, catching the ragged edges of her cuticles and burning itchily around her neck.

Quietly, with the screaming, too-familiar titan of her nightmares still dancing behind her eyes, she unwound the scarf and settled it in her lap, a scarlet puddle that made her already labored breath stutter and catch.

Her neck stopped itching, but a prickling tenseness rose to the exposed nape of it, and the skin over her jugular felt suddenly paper thin. She turned to look out the window, at the black mass that was Eren’s cabin, and wound the scarf resolutely around her tender neck once more.